Best Koh Tao Dive Sites

The best Koh Tao dive sites are known to be among the best in all the Gulf of Thailand. There are over 30 dive sites around the island and most of them can be reached within a short boat ride. Most of the best Koh Tao dive sites are suitable for all levels of divers, with even advanced divers finding the underwater topography and aquatic life quiet impressive. There is also the chance to see Whale Sharks anytime of the year at Sail Rock. The average depth for most of the best dive sites on Koh Tao are 14m to 18m with just a few going deeper than 30m. Nearly all of the islands PADI and SSI dive centre’s make daily trips to the best Koh Tao dive sites on a daily basis.

Diving Seasons

To enjoy the best Koh Tao dive sites, It’s possible to scuba dive all year round. The best dive sites on Koh Tao are at their prime during the months of May to August when the conditions are excellent. It is also the low season on Koh Tao so the dive groups are generally smaller. Water temperature averages about 29°C all year round so no real need for a wetsuit here. Conditions underwater in Koh Tao are excellent, with no real currents at most of the dive sites, plenty of nice and shallow coral reefs. Visibility can be sometimes get poor especially in November after the heavy rains. You can expect anything from 10 to 20 meters visibility otherwise.

Southwest Pinnacle

Consisting of seven granite pinnacles ranging from approximately 6m to 24m deep and located around 12km off the Southwest coast of Koh Tao is one of the islands best dive sites. The shallower sections of Southwest Pinnacle Koh Tao are covered in whip corals, sea fans and a dense carpet of beautiful anemones that are inhabited by hundreds of Anemone Fish; making for one of the most scenic safety stops on the island. Due to it’s remote location, Southwest Pinnacle exhibits some of the best corals around Koh Tao. Small Groupers and Yellowtail Barracudas can often be seen here and you may be lucky enough to spot a Whale Shark. Other large pelagic fish that can be seen swimming around here.

Shark Island

Named for its resemblance to a sharks dorsal fin, this dive site is often less congested than some others due to its location. Shark Island Koh Tao is a small rocky island off the southern tip of Koh Tao. The bottom slopes away from the shallows all the way down to about 40m at the southern corner. In the shallows there are lots of big boulders to navigate and many corals to enjoy. Titan Trigger fish nest on the sand just off the reef but stay shallow and you will find many reef fish hanging around the coral beds; occasionally the odd leopard shark has been seen here too. Mixed hard and soft corals are scattered among the shallow boulders. Go deeper and you can see spectacular soft corals; pure white soft corals formations and tiny fluorescent blue and green soft corals.

Chumpon Pinnacle

Chumphon Pinnacle Koh Tao is regarded as one of the Gulf of Thailand’s premier dive sites. The site is comprised of one huge granite pinnacle with some smaller pinnacles rising from the bottom. Spectacular granite pinnacles extending up from around 40m to within 14m of the surface. Look out for Reef Sharks, vast shoals of Chevron Barracuda and Giant Groupers hanging out around the base of the pinnacles, especially around Barracuda Rock. The tops of the pinnacles have masses of beautiful anemones full with pink Anemone fish covering them. Large schools of Batfish can also be seen hanging out in the current. Chumphon Pinnacle Koh Tao is also one of the best chances you’ll have of seeing a whale shark. Scattered whip corals cover the pinnacle, plus large barrel sponge structures.