Koh Tao Activities

There’s plenty of Koh Tao activities to keep every type of traveller or holiday maker fully entertained. Maybe you thought that Koh Tao was only for scuba divers with nothing else to do. Well you’re mistaken. There’s a magnitude of other Koh Tao activities, whether you prefer things at a leisurely pace or prefer taking things to the extreme. How about heading to the hills of Koh Tao. Hiking is a popular activity, with several viewpoints highlighting the gorgeous panoramic views of the island. For a more thrilling adventure in the hills, one may want to try and rock climbing or even rent a dirt-bike and try the motorbike track for an adrenaline kick.

If you enjoy high flying, then a flying trapeze has been set up on Koh Tao for the brave at heart. Flying Trapeze is an absolutely unforgettable experience. Anyone can do it no matter what your age or fitness level. For something less adventurous, but equally fun, try Koh Tao’s mini golf and bowling centre. For those wishing to integrate further into the Koh Tao local culture, volunteer activities are possible.  Animal lovers can volunteer at the Koh Tao Animal Clinic and spend some time with furry friends.  Beach clean-ups above and below water are often organised and free for volunteers. Ask your nearest dive shop about a clean-up schedule.  Finally, if you love children, you can volunteer at the local school and help out with teaching.  The best way to integrate into Koh Tao is knowing the locals, and these are sure ways to get you involved.

Water Sports

Scuba Diving is not the only water-based sport you can do whilst you stay on Koh Tao – there’s snorkelling, freediving, windsurfing and kayaking. If you much prefer to keep your Koh Tao activities at the surface of the water than underneath it, then fear not, Koh Tao has plenty to offer. A great way to explore the different beaches and beautiful bays around Koh Tao is by hiring a kayak for the day. The calm waters around Koh Tao are perfect for cruising around the island at your leisure and rocking up at where ever takes your fancy. Kayaks can be hired for a small fee at most of the busy beach areas. Read more about Watersports…..

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is now nearly as popular of all the activities on Koh Tao as scuba diving. The mountain areas of Koh Tao are rich in stunning rock and boulder formations, making ideal conditions for rock climbing. If you’re looking for adventure and excitement with a bit of a challenge thrown in, then rock climbing gives you that perfect opportunity. Whether you have never tried rock climbing before, or you are an expert, here on Koh Tao there is something for everyone. Beginner introductions and half day discover courses are available for entry level climbers, right through to 4 day advanced packages. Read more about rock climbing and bouldering…..


Both walking and hiking are great activities on Koh Tao for the outdoors type . There are numerous trails up the mountains or through the dense tropical jungle to clearings with an awesome variety of wildlife and scenery en route. If you enjoy hiking then there are some great routes, like John Suwan Mountain Viewpoint. Two Views in the centre of the island is also worth seeking out. Also worth hiking to is Thian Og Bay where you can see the Sitting Buddha rock formation from the viewpoint on the opposite side of the beach. Read more about hiking…..

Yoga, Spa & Massage

Yoga and mediation are increasingly popular Koh Tao activities and a great way to keep you looking good on the beach and remaining healthy. Unite your body, mind and soul whilst relieving the stresses on your body by taking part in one of the many yoga classes on offer on Koh Tao. By practicing yoga it will allow you to live your life more freely and fully. There are several studios on Koh Tao offering a variety of courses and packages to cater for all different levels of experience. These include beginner classes, daily drop in classes or block packages for those staying long term on the island. All teachers on Koh Tao are highly qualified in teaching many different methods of yoga and meditation.

Boat Tours

By taking one of the organised boat tours available on Koh Tao this will allow you to relax and sit back whilst broadening your perspective of the island. Boat tours are a great choice from the activities on Koh Tao for families, couples and singles alike. Boat tours are available daily on the island. They can take you to Koh Nang Yuan Island or the stunning collection of islands that make up Angthong National Marine Park. Pick up from your resort or hotel is often included in the price, as is most food, drink and snorkelling equipment. Simply turn up with your swim wear, a towel, some sun cream and a camera then kick back and relax whilst you enjoy the ride.