Rock Climbing Koh Tao

Rock climbing Koh Tao is now nearly as popular of all the activities on the island as scuba diving. The mountain areas all over the island are abundant in stunning rock and boulder developments – making ideal conditions for rock climbing Koh Tao. If you’re looking for experience and enjoyment with a little bit of a difficulty included, then rock climbing here provides you that opportunity. Whether you have never tried rock climbing in the past, or you are an expert, here on Koh Tao there is something for every skill level.

The Koh Tao granite is exceptional for training novices, in addition to great, fine tuning for any experienced climbers. Novice intros and half day discover courses are available for entry level climbers – right through to 4 day advanced courses.

For experienced rock climbers you can use a guided service, where they will take you to all the best Koh Tao rock climbing spots, The accompanied climbing guides on the island are highly experienced and will guarantee you a great day out of climbing.

Climbing in Koh Tao is always done on granite and as such the bolting methods on Koh Tao are slightly different to the limestone climbing found elsewhere. Climbers use Petzl 12mm climbing bolts and hangers on strong tested granite. They keep 3 point leading rope anchors and each and every single bolt date is recorded on a database and checked annually. Safety if priority on Koh Tao!

Koh Tao is also a mecca for bouldering. Massive granite boulders litter the landscape. They are really tough to make your way up and over and calls for good balance, hard hands and good footwork. Don’t worry if you have never tried this before as there are plenty of beginner taster sessions and courses available.

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