Koh Tao Beaches

Koh Tao beaches are some of the most beautiful you will find anywhere in Thailand. The entire island has many coves with hidden beaches as well as the larger, more commercial beaches for any type of traveller and holiday maker. Most of Koh Tao beaches are made up of pure white sand, with clear blue waters lapping onto them. Surrounded by coconut trees and amazing rock formations, the beaches on Koh Tao really are stunningly beautiful.

There’s Koh Tao beaches for every type of beach lover. From secluded getaways to sunbathe and relax, to beaches offering excellent snorkelling and water sport activities for the more active. With coral reefs full of aquatic life, the beaches on Koh Tao are a snorkelers dream.

Access to some of Koh Tao beaches can be difficult by motorbike or taxi so a long tail boat ride is required. On the larger beaches you will find everything you would need for your holiday, including high end resorts, restaurants, shops and water sports. These beaches are ideal to base yourself your your stay. With the more secluded beaches and bays being completely untouched by development so are ideal for a day trip.

Nang Yuan Beach is probably the most famous of all beaches around Koh Tao due to its postcard perfect appearance and being the most photographed. The private island sits elegantly off the North West coast of Koh Tao and is a small stretch of stunning white sands set between 3 small peninsula’s. The island is best visited first thing in the morning or late afternoon as between 9:30AM and 4:30PM it can get quite swamped with day trippers and dive schools. The island is only accessible by boat and long tails will bring you here for a small fee, you will need to agree a pick up time with your driver so they will come back for you. A fee of 100 THB is charged to all visitors to the island.

Another top choice for beaches on Koh Tao to visit has to be Ao Thian Ok, or Shark Bay as it is commonly known as, is located in the north of the island and takes its name from the harmless reef sharks that inhabit the waters here. The beach here blazes a trail in comparison with some of Koh Tao’s other beaches. The sheer appeal of azure waters and soft white sand is a joy to behold. Unfortunately, Haad Thien Resort owns the beach so unless you are staying at the resort it can be difficult for you to enjoy the sheer beauty the beach offers. That said you can still take a long tail to the bay and possibly swim with sharks.