Koh Tao Fish Identification

Do you know your File Fish from your Trigger Fish? Would you know a Porcupine Puffer if you saw one swim by? Koh Tao fish identification is made easy thanks to the many dive centres here, all who will happily help you learn about the local marine life. It’s important that when you go diving (or snorkelling) that you can identify exactly what you have seen. After all, that’s all part of the excitement of going diving, isn’t it?

Go scuba diving at any one of the sites that surround Koh Tao and you’ll understand why so many people come here to marvel at the underwater world. Here you will witness some of the best diving in the Gulf of Thailand. It is possible to dive on Koh Tao all year round with the best months ranging from May to August. Visibility can be as much as 30 meters when the conditions are excellent, but can drop as low as 5 meters, with water temperatures averaging around 28°C all year round.

Vast Array

Twenty-one types of fish are reported for the first time from Koh Tao. Details and pictures were acquired from local scuba divers in order to census unusual or not previously recorded fish types living on or near coral reefs from this location. This is the first time that types coming from the families Antennariidae (genera Antennatus and Histrio), Ophichthyidae (genus Callechelys), Platycephalidae (genus Thysanophrys), Plotosidae (genus Plotosus) and Synanceiidae (genera Inimicus and Synanceia), and reef-fish genera of numerous families (Pseudobalistes, Balistidae; Cyclichthys, Diodontidae; Bolbometopon, Scaridae; and Hippocampus, Syngnathidae), to name a few, have actually been recorded in Koh Tao.


Of the 21 types reported for the first time from Koh Tao, 7 species (Antennatus nummifer (Antennariidae), Pseudobalistes marginatus (Balistidae), Monacanthus chinensis (Monacanthidae), Callechelys marmorata (Ophichthyidae), Thysnophrys cf. chiltonae (Platycephalidae), Bolbometopon muricatum (Scaridae) and Synanceia cf. verrucosa (Synanceidae)) are brand-new records for the Gulf of Thailand. To date, 223 species of coral reef fishes belonging to 53 families are known to be seen at Koh Tao.

Fish-ID-1All the dive sites on Koh Tao offer the chance to see an array of varied fish life and beautiful corals. Take a trip to nearby Sail Rock for the chance to encounter the great Whale Shark and even larger shoals of fish. With our Fish identification on Koh Tao slides, you will now know what most of the fish life are actually called! The Koh Tao dive sites are home to masses of diverse aquatic life. Whether you wish to dive with sharks, turtles, reef fish, stingrays, snakes or moral eels, Koh Tao has everything.

Learn Much More

If you’re a scuba diver and would like to learn more about Koh Tao fish identification and other fish life – take the PADI Aware – Fish Identification Scuba Diver Program. You’ll require at least your PADI Open Water Diver (Junior Open Water Scuba Diver or equivalent) certification and to be at least 10 years old.

Throughout the PADI Aware – Fish Identification Scuba Diver Program you’ll go on two open water dives (which may be finished in one day). The first dive allows you to practice fundamental fish recognition methods, while the 2nd dive prompts you to collect fish recognition information for submission to the Reef Fish Survey Project. After the dives, you’re needed to log the experience in your individual log book.

This program covers the understanding and strategies for recognising fish common to Koh Tao. The following is included in your PADI Aware – Fish Recognition Diver Program: The PADI Aware approach about securing around the world water ecosystems. Fish family groupings and typical qualities of fish species found in the city. Fish surveying strategies and strategies for collecting valid information. The planning, organisation, and treatments for identifying fish households and types while diving.