Koh Tao Weather and Seasons

Koh Tao is one place that can be enjoyed all year round thanks to its tropical climate and constant warm temperatures. Depending on the reasons you intend to visit the island, however, some months may be better suited for your trip. It’s worth knowing the Koh Tao weather; when it’s more likely to be hot and dry, than wet and cool if you want to maximise your time sunbathing on the beaches. Also, there are particular months during the year that can be more popular for scuba diving in terms of getting the best visibility possible underwater and what marine life you can expect to see.

Koh Tao weather is broken down into two seasons – wet and dry, pretty much the same as Koh Phangan and Koh Samui. When planning your trip it’s essential to know when the seasons run to ensure your stay is a pleasant and comfortable one. Although, there are two predominant seasons, don’t forget that the Koh Tao weather cannot be controlled and when you visit the conditions may vary from the norm. Generally throughout the year the temperature tends to remain fairly constant, averaging between 25-35c. The island is at its busiest between the months of July and September and then from Christmas time until late February. Scuba diving is believed to be at its best between June and September when the Koh Tao weather is warm, sunny and seas calm. Visit during October and November however and you’ll have a good chance of spotting the biggest fish in the world, the Whale Shark, whilst scuba diving around Koh Tao and Sail Rock.


Dry Season – December to May – The dry season generally runs from December to May. Most tourists travel to Koh Tao between December and March when endless clear blue skies can be almost guaranteed and rainfall is at its minimum. This is also the peak season, when European visitors arrive seeking sun from the winter weather in their homelands. You can expect to pay slightly more for your accommodation during this time too. Daily temperatures rarely drop below 28c during the day and the humidity is lower during these months. You may even find you need a light pullover in the evenings.

If you are looking for the time of year when the Koh Tao weather is at its best, it doesn’t get any hotter than between the months of March and May. For those who like it baking hot this is the best time to visit. During these months the temperature and humidity can get rather high; keeping cool can be a challenge. Staying somewhere with a sea breeze is advisable.

Wet Season – June to November –  Although it’s called the wet season, it’s rare it will rain all day on Koh Tao and a late afternoon thunderstorm is about the height of what to expect during the months of June and November. There’s still plenty of sunshine to be enjoyed, along with comfortable temperatures and often a pleasant south westerly breeze.

From September to November you can expect the Koh Tao weather to change slightly, when temperatures drop a little, however, it will still be about 28c most days. The monsoons historically come to the Gulf of Thailand during October and November. This can occasionally result in the heavens opening up for a day or two at a time.

The monsoons often bring with them higher tidal levels resulting in smaller beaches and bigger waves. Storms become more frequent around late afternoon and early evening. Due to the heavier rainfall and prevailing winds November tends to be the cheapest time to visit the island.

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