Save Koh Tao

Save Koh Tao club was established by Koh Tao community in the year 2000, aiming to conserve natural resources and environment. This includes local traditions, which are significant capitals to sustainable tourism development on Koh Tao.

Strengthening the community, improving the usage of our abundant natural resource, being an Island leader of sustainable and eco-friendly development, and to be a sustainable living Island for the future generation.

Save Koh Tao preserve the paradise where we live and work by increasing awareness and participation in activities and programs which support or enrich the natural environment and local community in order to sustainable tourism development

  1. To conserve Koh Tao’s natural resources and environment.
  2. To build capacity and role of stakeholders in order to sustainable tourism on Koh Tao.
  3. To support and disseminate knowledge and understanding in sustainable development to Koh Tao Community.
  4. To encourage community participatory process in sustainable tourism development.

Vision of Save Koh Tao

Save Koh Tao aims to work for conservation of natural resources and environment in order to achieve these visions:

  • Watershed,  natural resource and environment, cultural and local wisdom will be conserved respectively in encourage to sustainable tourism development.
  • People ,including tourists, youth, local businesses and local government agencies will received information sufficiently for understanding and aware of sustainable tourism together.
  • Build natural resource and environment management network under participatory of stakeholders, including government agencies, private sector, NGOs and local organisations.

Save Koh Tao Principles

  • Respect and encourage local community to pride and proud of being host understandable and knowable in all means of tourism industry in order to strengthening in tourism resources management sustainably by themselves.
  • Raise awareness and change attitude, behaviour of tourists, business entrepreneurs, local government agencies and private sector in order to understanding in the circle of sustainable tourism.
  • Coordinate between government agencies and private sector, assist and support local in sustainable tourism management concept in order to participatory and sustainable natural resource management.
  • Conduct campaigns under accurate and creditable information in order to efficiency work planning and clear direction in short and long term.
  • Raise local awareness in responsible in social and environmental, including Save Koh Tao ownership passing to the next generation.

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